• Empower your workforce with instantaneous access to up-to-date contact details, regardless of your backend IT solution.

  • Easy and intuitive access to contacts in your company or group of companies.
  • Access to contacts from on-premise databases or CRMs.

  • Securely share groups of contacts with clients / suppliers. 

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Admin Console

  • Keep your workforce informed through push notifications.

  • ContactApp currently syncs with Microsoft Active Directory, Google Directory, CSV, an assortment of CRMs, and we're adding additional source all the time, as well as doing custom integrations.

  • Set user levels to unlock app functionality for particular users. 

Unlock Extra Functionality for Managers 


  • HR managers can ensure that key contact details for all staff members and contractors are up-to-date at all times.

  • Unlocks next of kin details (due diligence)


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